Monday, April 26, 2004

Creating a socket in Java takes 3 minutes

Sometimes we would see on some of our Linux boxes a 3 minute delay between an attempt to open a socket and a successful connection. This did not make sense... but I eventually determined that this was caused by the loopback device not having an address, or not having a route in the route table.

You can probably fix this by typing the following:
/sbin/ip addr add dev lo
/sbin/route add -net dev lo

Also, we had these other symptoms:
  • /dev/random would block for about 3 minutes, probably because it depends on loopback to get its results.
  • Java trying to do a reverse DNS lookup would block for about 3 minutes, probably because it was trying to get results from, because /etc/resolv.conf was empty, and was being interpreted as Update: see this postabout a related fix...

Here is a thread where I replied with this information; the thread also suggests other solutions, perhaps to the same or similar problems.

Now if I could just figure out how that Linux box got into that situation...

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