Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Exadel E7

Just attended a web conference demonstrating a new product from Exadel called E7, hosted by Brandon Blell, Charley Cowens and Max Katz.
It looks pretty cool, although I haven't played with it yet. The idea is to present to the business rules owner/author something that is removed from Java and UI code. The Java/UI author presents different types of services, such as Web services, POJO, Page services for JSF/Flex/JavaFX, etc.
Right now it only works on Seam (as Exadel is a JBoss partner).
I also asked the question "What if you had multiple UI types in your app:JSF/Flex/JavaFX. Could you set up a 'generic' type of page service so that the process can be shared across all 3 of the UI types?" The answer is that it's in development for the next release.
Also, someone asked if there's Drools integration. The answer is not yet--they're working on it for the next release.

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