Wednesday, November 12, 2008

AddVectoredExceptionHandler prevents Purify from working

In all our Windows executables we AddVectoredExceptionHandler so that we can get .dmp files when things crash. However, I recently discovered that doing so preventsPurify from working correctly on Windows. This should probably be expected, and I'm probably not chaining to the next handler correctly, but it's something to watch out for.

Subtopic #1: In all other operating systems, if you want a core dump file, it's very straight-forward; you ulimit -c unlimited, and you get core files. In Windows, you have to write your own Dump file from code that you write. You could depend on Dr. Watson, or Windows Error Reporting, but if you want your own dump file in a place where you or your customers can find it, you have to write it yourself.

Subtopic #2: Fifteen years ago, Purify was the most important development tool you could have. It's still the most important development tool you could have, except that it hasn't really changed in 15 years. I have several friends that are ex-Pure, and they are also dismayed at how it's just not keeping up. For instance:
  • It wasn't until 2004 (or was it 2006?) that you could really use Purify on Linux. Wow.
  • We still can't Purify JNI C code in a Java JVM on Linux. The JVM does magic things that Purify can't handle. Oh well.
  • Purify for Windows doesn't even work on x64.

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